SEDI 2016


Conférence gratuite destinée au grand public - mardi 26 juillet à 20:30

The 15th Symposium of SEDI, Study of the Earth's Deep Interior, a Committee of IUGG, was held in Nantes, France, from 24th to 29th July 2016.

The meeting took place at La Cité Nantes Events Center, which is located downtown in Nantes, near the Loire River. The Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique was in charge of the local organization.

The symposium gathered 205 students and scientists coming from 20 different countries. A group picture was taken during the second day, you can download it below.

Download SEDI 2016 group picture

You can download the official poster of SEDI 2016 (click on image below).

Download official SEDI 2016 poster


SEDI is an international scientific organization dedicated to the Study of the Earth's Deep Interior. The ultimate goal of SEDI is an enhanced understanding of the past evolution and current thermal, dynamical and chemical state of the Earth's deep interior and of the effect that the interior has on the structures and processes observed at the surface of the Earth. The 'deep interior' is generally considered to be the core and lower mantle, but interest may extend to the surface, for example, in the study of mantle plumes or dynamics of descending lithospheric slabs.

The scientific questions and problems of interest to SEDI include the geomagnetic dynamo and secular variation, paleomagnetism and the evolution of the Earth's deep interior, composition, structure and dynamics of the outer core, dynamo energetics, structure of the inner core, core cooling and the core-mantle boundary region, core-mantle boundary shape, coupling and the rotation of the Earth, lower mantle: structure, convection and plumes, nature and location of deep geochemical reservoirs, etc.

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